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What is the Donation Inquiry?

This enables us to connect with our donors and provide them individualized assistance when donating product. The only way for you to access a shipping address is through the inquiry form

Where can I find your address?

In order to access our address, please fill out our donation inquiry form. We do not publicize our address except for our donors to send products.

What is the difference between the Donation Inquiry and Give Back Box?

Our donation inquiry is a Google Form to receive our address and packing tips. We will email and/or text you this information following your submission. The donation inquiry allows you to create your shipping label based on your products’ weights. The Give Back Box is a flat fee box where you generate your own shipping label in real time with Give Back Box to ship your products to us.

Gently used product...really?

Yes really! We are streamlining a process to ensure the safety of our women with products that have been barely used by others women.

How do I donate?

You can either donate products that you don’t need anymore, donate products via our Amazon Wishlist, or monetary donations

I submitted a Donation Inquiry and I haven’t heard back from you.

We will email and/or text you within 24 hours of your donation inquiry response. If you have not received anything from us, check your spam email folder as our emails can find their way into spam!

Where do my products go?

Give n’ Glow partners with nonprofits in and around the Boston, Massachusetts area who serve women in adverse circumstances. This way, we know that your products are getting into the hands who need it most.

I don’t have any products, but I want to donate.

Please check out our Give Butter page to provide us with monetary donations. You can also buy products from our Amazon Wishlist.  

I want to partner. 

Please fill out our partnership form or reach out to us directly on social media

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